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Numont users will be able to manage all of their personal finances, store wealth in fiat and crypro-assets and invest in physical commodities with just a few clicks.




Development Roadmap

  • NOVEMBER 2022 Numont app arrived in App Stores! Users can begin on-boarding, easily record financial transactions, generate spending reports, review daily, weekly and monthly financial data and track their favorite crypto assets. In release 01 of Numont app.
  • FEBRUARY 2023 Release 02 of Numont app introduces users to Numont Trading Signals. Our algorithmic trading software two main indicators, profitablility and probability, to help users make sound decisions.
  • JULY 2023 In Release 03 of Numont app, users are introduced to Numont Vaults. Users can access, buy and sell physical commodities including Gold and Silver and even pay for their gold with our native BEP-20 crypto token, Nuther.
  • DECEMBER 2023 As we gain regulatory approval users will see new account features become available. Release 04 of the Numont app will see our crypto wallets go live. Users will be able to send, receive and stake over 300+ crypto assets including Bitcoin, Ethereal and Nuther safely and securely with Numont app.
  • MARCH 2024 In the 5th and final (planned) release of Numont users will see Fiat accounts and payment cards go-live! Users will now be able to save and spend in GBP, EUR and USD. Our payment cards will be accepted in 39+ million physical location and online.

Introducing Nuther

Numont will launch an ICO (Initial-coin-offering) of our native BEP-20 crypto token, Nuther ($NUTR).. Nuther will be accepted throughout the Numont ECO-system to pay for Numont goods and services including transaction fees, commodities and cryptoasset

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